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Sunday, 3 November 2013

In which there are fairies, forests and leather

I finally found a way to wear the leather skirt I bought after the end of the Season Ten of Project Runway when I was obsessed with everything Melissa made. I decided that I too needed some leather in my wardrobe, bought the skirt and then promptly hated it. It went to the back of a shelf as a little bit embarrassing. The sign of my Project Runway stupidity. It's a weird fit and didn't seem to flatter me at all. It's high waisted but also clingy so it does nothing flattering to my belly. However! Now that it is the season for jumpers I can pull them down over the awkward bit and it actually looks kind of good. I even wore it to work this week with a baggy top so once I got it out

You may remember my post about London being so loud and me being desperate to leave. The city was just getting me down and I wanted to go visit my parents in Yorkshire. Unfortunately the train fares were so expensive I couldn't afford to, and I was a little down about the whole thing. However my parents then decided to visit me, with their car. And so they drove me out to some countryside in my own area without having to go to Yorkshire at all. It was beautiful. It's nice to know that there is all this around. The thing with having no car is I tend to only go where trains can take you, so it was beautiful to have this little trip around. I also found lots of amazing mushrooms to photograph! We were actually about to head off when I found the beautiful red ones, so I called everyone back and then we saw more everywhere from that little bright patch. Maybe ten different types of mushrooms.

I also wanted to say thank you for all the words of support on my last blog post when I wrote about my assumptions about feminism. It is really comforting to know that other people care. So thanks all.

 And now for the forest!

I am so happy to have spotted these. Such a rare sight.
All the trees in this one area were covered in the yellow lichen and in the bright sun were shining and glowing.

We actually had a massive storm the day before this walk, with windows rattling, trees down and all the London train stations closed. I wanted to take a few photos of the wreckage here too.

All the fairy mushrooms
This little shroom pushing it's way up pressing the soil as it comes was amazing.
This one was about the size of my foot.

We then managed to fit in a quick visit to a small  local castle as the sun was setting.


  1. These are definitely fairy tale mushrooms - straight out of a picture book. I too find myself hankering after rural landscapes now that I'm in a city (albeit a beautiful one). Glad you got your fill of countryside.

  2. ah, those mushrooms are so neat! i love finding them off in the woods, they are so lovely!

    lindsey louise


  3. Oh wow! What an amazing leather skirt.