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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

In which there is a small pause in the rain

There has been far too long a gap between posting I must confess. And the reason for that is mostly rain. At some point in the year Britain has to live up to its stereotype and just rain for a couple of weeks. In fact these pictures were partly taken in the rain. It has been a very gloomy day and we popped down to the ruins in a spot of sunshine and by the time we arrived, raining once again. I'm still happy with these, even if you can tell that I'm a little damp!

I actually bought this dress several years ago, wore it for a while and then stopped after I wore it once and my husband noticed that a man was following us down the street and staring at my ass. I became very aware of how short it was and shoved it back. But you know what, everyone is wearing plaid which made me look at it again, and I'm not going to let creeps dictate my wardrobe so I thought I'd bring it back.

I went out to the pub last night and had a lovely conversation with someone until the point I bought up writing about feminism as a hobby. The guy responded to ask me 'what kind of feminist are you? A liberal feminist or a bra-burning, tree-hugging feminist'.  I ask what other time do you declare yourself in favour of equality and people feel they can respond with 'but how extreme are you?' I then deconstructed his question, challenging what on earth he thought those two things meant. It's a phenomena I see all the time, and have experienced in conversations with otherwise normal reasonable and even likeable people who say things like 'I don't like how angry lots of feminist are', or even going as far as saying 'they should moderate their views, be more about consensus'. What I hear behind those words is 'Please don't make me feel uncomfortable about my privilege'.

If I declared myself fighting for a right to water or for a fair justice system they wouldn't say, 'but I hope you don't take it seriously' 'I hope you're not one of those extreme people'. I find myself becoming more angry when I see how effectively the media, with its 'Do we really need feminism?' morning tv debates, has made people think that striving for equality is something we should always question whether it is necessary, and never take too seriously. And I refused to be conned into believing anger about injustice is something I should apologise for.

Getting a little bit wet here!

And ending with a picture of me running to get out of the rain.
Outfit details
Dress: Forever 21 (America)
Blazer: H&M
Hat: Charity shop find
Boots: Doc Martens
Scarf: Gift


  1. Completely know what you mean about the rain- I had this new Velma tee-shirt on on Saturday, but it was just too horrible and dark to try and take photos. And yes, of course we still need feminism! My sister seems to think we don't as such and it irritates the hell out of me! I think lots of women today think, 'ooh. most things are fine, I'm not going to bother about all the tiny daily things', but there are so many of the big things that still aren't right either. How can you say you're not a feminist when we still have unequal pay on a huge scale and no sign of reaching equal representation in the House of Commons or Lords, let alone the Cabinet?
    Eurgh, rant over. Sleep clearly needed.

  2. Ugh man, sorry about what that person said. That's so ridiculous--of course we need feminism. There are a reason these things still circulate!

    Your plaid skirt is ADORABLE. I have been looking for the perfect plaid skirt for fall. Gotta get me a cute one like you~ and also, yes yesy eyssye, fellow ZELDA FAN! *internet high fives* Twilight Princess was a beautiful game indeed and I want to replay it over the holiday break on the big screen.. muwahaha

  3. I love these colors and combination. I feel you with the rain, we are getting tons of it too! And I think the writing about feminist thing is REALLY cool. I think there's a lack of strong female perspective in the world.

  4. The rain is ruining my life. I don't want to pay to go to the gym, let me run and cycle outside!!!!

    I think feminism instantly sparks the image in peoples head of some vegetarian/vegan, earth loving lesbian who hates men. I guess it is the small minority that you read about in the media that bring about that idea. Just like how a lot of people see Islam and Muslim and think of terrorism. As long as the media only report the extreme, that's the opinion most people who are not educated or informed in that field will keep. It's sad. Human nature is sad a lot of the time!

    Corinne x

  5. Gorgeous outfit! I love all the plaid and the color of your tights is amazing!

    In response to your comment on my blog, I actually have all my hats hung up on my wall and they never get squished, I did a diy you can check out, It's super easy and hardly costs a thing!

  6. yay, you look amazing, i really love the skirt & tights togeter, it looks genius :)

  7. Oh my goodness, how utterly frustrating! What is the point of having an opinion if you can't have it on any level you want - and what is the point of people being entitled to their opinons if that entitlement only extends so far as others are comfortable with their opinions. I could write you a novel about my thoughts on conversations that go this way, having had so many of them myself, but honestly, I think the best thing I can say is keep your head up and let every person who says, "Oh, but you're not one of those bra-burning man-haters, are you?" strengthen your resolve in what you do.

  8. Oh that is honestly frustrating. I actually had a very similar conversation a couple weeks back at a party with someone and left feeling pretty irritated because my point wasn't being heard out, just judged. I'm right there with you though!

    On a lighter note - I LOVE your autumn outfit, the plaid, and all the colors you've put together. Stay dry in that rain!!

    xo Marisa

  9. There have been so many occasions when I've found myself having similar conversations and I find myself in the position of defending (or perhaps defining) feminism. Good to read though of your refusal to aplogise for being angry about injustice and inequality. Absolutely with you on this.

  10. I know what you mean, it's always one of the first reactions I get when I say I'm a feminist: 'But why would we need feminism nowadays in Germany?' - a reaction which comes both from men and women. So silly, as if equality was achieved in all areas. And also, even if we'll finally get there - equal pay (Germany is behind the UK here btw), equal treatment, less focus on pointing out the 'difference' between men and women, that does not mean that if sexism occurs you should not get angry about it! Human rights are always worth standing up for.