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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

In which there is magic at twilight

At the weekend I went along to a local folk dance club having enjoyed the ceilidh at our own wedding so much, I wanted to do more. We did dances from Jane Austen, but also a round strip-the-willow which I always love. Apparently the club do different types of folk dances every week, so Irish dancing, Morris, ceilidh, Scottish dancing etc. As expected though, it is mostly old people in the club. I do have lots of friends who love barn dances when they are at parties, but I know doing it on a Friday night isn't cool. It's not really the solution to making more friends in the area. In fact we are so uncool that we then went home, made cachaca strawberry daiquiris (almost like normal people), but then after drinking them did a 2 hour dungeon crawl on Neverwinter, the MMORPG that is sucking up my time. Oh dear. 

We have been living in this place for a year and a half now, but we only have a few friends we've made from our board games club. I really want to take up something new to meet new people but I get so nervous about joining sports clubs (they'll be full of sporty people! I'm so unfit!) and the other things I like (art, dancing) don't seem to be for people my age. Any tips of finding new things to do and new people? 

We've been using our blender a lot more since I discovered the joy of blending frozen fruit. No looking back! It's cocktails or smoothies every day in this crazy heat.

Went clothes shopping at the weekend and got the both the items pictured here. I love this skirt. It's quite a stiff thick material, but really comfortable and it has pockets. I also love the stag print tee. A bit different from all the ubiquitous swallow prints everywhere.


 We went to the park Sunday evening, took a patchwork quilt and played some Magic in the late evening. We were there till half 8 and it was still light! Just utterly beautiful.
Outfit details
Skirt & Top: New Look
Accessories: Claire's


  1. A folk dance club sounds like so much fun! I've actually never heard of such a thing and wish there were more things to do like that around where I live.

    Absolutely love your outfit...the mix of prints is divine :-)

    xo Marisa

  2. That dinner looks so yummy! I'm also loving that skirt, I love anything with pockets!



    Southern (California) Belle

  3. Aw that looks fun playing in the park at night :) Love that skirt, it has such a pretty shape and I'm a sucker for pockets!

  4. Your hair bow is so cute! And I've been having the same issue of trying to figure out how to meet people. It's hard when you're no longer in school surrounded by lots of people every day. One thing that has worked for me in the past is hosting parties and inviting people over.

    Also, I agree with you on your comments about my museum post - I always want to touch the sculptures too. The Irs Fischer exhibit felt more personal because so many people contributed and the sculptures were placed all over the floor so you felt like you were a part of this weird, grey world.