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Sunday, 21 April 2013

In which there are magic horses, but not one darlek

A couple of years ago I lived by the beach in Wales. Whilst I like my life here in London now, the longing for the sea has never really gone away. It was so wonderful to have it always there, always incredible - thrashing storms or barbecue days. So as yesterday was mine and Andy's five year anniversary (and one whole year since he proposed) we decided to head to the beach! We went to Brighton which neither of us had ever been to before and it turned out to be the kind of place we wished people had dragged us to before!

Brighton has some really interesting stuff going on. A good beach - although a bit pebbly -, an arcade, and lots of interesting shops. The only disappointment of the day was our complete failure to get a cuddly darlek in the arcade! We tried so many times on the Doctor Who themed claw machine and 3 whole times picked it up! 3 times! Only to watch the darlek slide out of our grasp and fall down again. I had to be dragged away in the end with slow sad feet, leaving those squishy darleks behind. :(

However the day was still awesome. We had the most expensive dinner we've ever had together (oops, but hey we work now so it's okay... right? ) at a lovely Japanese restaurant. I completely forgot to take photos of the main course, despite the fact that it came in a lacquered box and incredibly arranged plates. Possibly the best sashimi I've ever had and then we had plum liqueur ice cream. Mmmm. Totally worth it.

The famous Brighton pier.

 I absolutely adore carousels and to be honest, I cannot take enough pictures of them. I love the colours, the beautifully painted horses, the old fashioned lights and the magical tranquillity of them. It doesn't go fast or do anything special, just round and round of those beautiful horses. I always feel that a time machine shaped like a carousel would be wonderful, round and round and step off somewhere new.

Looks really sunny and it was so bright I was squinting all day - but I also never took my jacket off! Deceitful British weather! *shakes fist*

New addition to my pocket watch collection!

Cider on the beach!
Postcard-style shot of Brighton from the pier.
Didn't even have time to go in! Next time.

These guys know how to ice cream.
PS. I know Google Reader is going, but is GFC going soon too? As in, no more list of who you follow on your dashboard? Boo. I don't really like bloglovin.
Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Taking a break from packing...
    Wonderful pictures of Brighton - looks like you had a fantastic time (and the weather to boot!)
    Great leather jacket and cute skirt!

  2. Great pictures, sounds like you had a brilliant time. Sorry you didn't manage to get a darlek! I loved your idea of a carousel time machine, beautiful photos of it too. The food sounded wonderful, and that ice cream looks delectable. Happy Anniversary to you and Andy for yesterday. x

  3. This beach is so pretty! It kind of reminds me of Santa Monica pier out here. I love the print of your skirt too :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  4. We just celebrated 5 years together as well! Sounds like a perfect day. The pier is beautiful! Love the carousel pics.

  5. I really desparately want to go to Brighton, I think I'd really love it! Also, I know what you mean about the sea, I know I'm going to have to move back there eventually. Its like written into my subconscious somewhere. I'm really gutted to not be able to go back to Aber next weekend, but I might drag Grant to Brighton for the day if the weather's nice to satisfy my sea cravings!

  6. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    I loved Brighton when i visited it, also together with my boyfriend!

    Have the best day ever,

  7. Brighton is one of my dreamy places I want to visit <3 I love carusels, those photos are stunning!