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Thursday, 18 April 2013

In which the sun has come out

 We actually have some spring here in Britain at last! We are at temperatures when you can leave the house without a winter coat. It has honestly felt like the longest winter of my life. There seemed to be no end to days of snow (and I still have snow pictures to show you) but now the cherry tree in our garden has blossom on it, the conference I was organising at work was a success and now that it is actually stretching towards summer our kitchen floor is covered in newspaper for all the crafts we are doing for the wedding. The last few nights of the week, making a change from being drained from work, I have been energetically making things for the wedding. We have 100 origami tulips now! Only about another 30 to go...

Plus there are chalkboard signs to paint and source, and tons of ebay purchases - just bought 100 bottles of bubbles and 100 turquoise straws! Sometimes it really all feels like madness but at least day is a step closed to being married to Andy. :)

These photos were taken a week ago when we were still having pretty chilly weather but there was a little break of sunshine so we went for a walk in the local park in the early evening.
Would have been perfect except we got chased away by a car alarm which pierced across the entire park! If I ever get a time machine I am going back to stop the invention of car alarms! I don't know how many times I've been woken up by one in the night or heard one even in the countryside. Grr. And my parents never had a car alarm and their car didn't get stolen so I don't see why they are necessary! : P


I love the little rose shaped buttons and the steampunk feel of this shirt. It's one of my favourites, but doesn't go with a lot of my stuff.

Outfit details
Dress: Little local boutique
Shirt: Second hand
Satchel: New Look
Ear muffs: Christmas present
Bangles: Random shop in Edinburgh


  1. It's always wonderful when you get some sunshine after what seems like endless gloomy and cold weather. We've just recently had a break from the rainy grey days and now have sunshine - it's glorious.
    Beautiful pictures, I really loved the colour palette for your outfit (especially with your red hair.) I'm looking forward to seeing your snow images, and how exciting that it's getting closer to your wedding!

  2. such a winter-spring girl :) you look wonderful :) i like the way how you mixed two styles ;) amazing!


  3. Something about those photos makes you look as though you just stepped out of the TARDIS.