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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

In which I love Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts might not have the best plot of any game ever. It may not have the best graphics and it may be aimed at 12 year olds - but I love it with every bit of me. I have a deep sentimental attachment for Kingdom Hearts - and part of that is the memories. I have actually got three set of memories that go with KH. Once, when I watched my high school best friend play through it. Then when the deep love began, love for Andy and love for Kingdom Hearts. We each played a game of it when we were at uni, taking it in turns and watching each other's games. We used to go clubbing and then leave to play Kingdom Hearts at 3 in the morning. That's the kind of cool we are... And then recently we started all over again as the wedding planning happens. In fact we considered having a Kingdom Hearts themed wedding but then decided that was too narrow - there will be references though.

So what is Kingdom Hearts? 
 It's Final Fantasy style RPG set in the Disney Universe. It features some familiar faces from both brands, plus some new ones just for the world. I get so excited when we get to meet guys from Final Fantasy games I have actually played! You are Sora (usually) travelling alongside Donald and Goofy. You are usually looking for your friends and Mickey. That's Mickey Mouse, the King. Along the way you are saving the world, killing some 'heartless' and then later 'nobodies' with the infamous keyblade. That's exactly what it sounds like. Plus in KH2 you get to go to the Lion King world and be a little lion running round with a giant key between your teeth. I don't think you can want anything more from a computer game.

In honour of all this love for the game I have made a KH themed outfit. Obviously wearing a branded t-shirt - I love Mickey's Organisation XIII outfit! Wearing a pink skirt in the shade of Kairi's outfit. And then space printed tights again - for all the travelling on the gummi ship they do. I am even wearing a keyblade necklace, featuring the first ones you ever see duel wielded. 

Kairi. It's not actually a female empowerment game but I would still like to do a Kairi cosplay some day. Plus now I have the right colour hair!

My dual wielding keyblades.

Roxas duel wielding Oathkeeper and Oblivion. The ones featured in my necklace above.

 So we recently ordered this beautiful box of keyblades. It is even nicer than it looked on the internet, especially nicer than my photographs. They are all featured in the game and are highly detailed. It came with a chain and each one can be added to a necklace. They will in fact be part of the wedding centrepieces but more on that another time!

I'm currently using this one in the game of KH2 I am playing at the moment.

Presentation box.
 Outfit details
Tshirt: Hot Topic
Skirt: Mango
Tights: Camden market
Shoes: Blowfish
Hat: Hand crafted by Gypsy in Jasper for Craft it Forward (more to come on that soon)


  1. I love your skirt and tights! Adorable. And the game you're talking about sounds like something my boyfriend would like!

  2. My sister played this game (I fall off cliffs within five seconds of playing any video game, so...), but I would ask to be called over to watch the plot parts. It might not be the best story, but there was something engaging about it. The keys look super-high quality.

  3. i love your outfit, and your hair color is totally rad :).
    Great post

  4. Just wondering, where'd you ordered those keyblades?