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Sunday, 24 February 2013

In which deer and galaxies collide

Yesterday I had a lovely day out with a friend, trampsing through Richmond Park and then eating ridiculous amounts of cake, the two things providing perfect counters for each other. We got to see the deer and also a fox and a woodpecker. Not a bad bit of countryside for London. I do get such cravings for a rural location after having living by the sea and near the Yorkshire moors. It is so refreshing to be somewhere without tower blocks and housing estates in sight.

The photo may look excessively bright and I won't deny that they were taken with a filter applied, but in truth this was because the normal camera settings wouldn't capture the colours properly. It was as though my regular camera was applying a 'dull' filter to my outfit because it couldn't accept how excessively bright it all was. My jacket really is that yellow!

After my last post on my love of pocket watch necklaces, this is the second one I was referring to. I have one gold and one silver to co-ordinate either way. :)

We saw lots of deer, both fallow and red dear we believe. There was a group of does and a group of stags. Sadly the stags with the impressive antlers were too far away to get a good photograph but I was content to see them purely with my eyes. What was fascinating was the way the deer blend into the bracken like ghostly waifs.
This is what I look like on the 'dull' photo. I swear it was much brighter in the air and on me than this appears but the weird twisted trees were impressive anyway.

Little mugs of hot chocolate at the tea house we went to!
We went to this beautiful tea-rooms/cafe type place. We are inside a greenhouse with fairy lights and flowers everywhere. There were several other greenhouses around with different types of tables and chairs laid out inside.
Outfit details
Jacket: H&M
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Shirt: Matalan
Galaxy Print Tights: Camden Market
Pocket watch: Present from my dad
Shoes: Docs I have had forever
Pink gloves: Charity shop


  1. The scenery for this looks so beautiful. also, your tights are totally awesome.

  2. What a brilliant pop of colour you are, bright colours, cake and hot chocolate - perfect for a grey day.

  3. Your daffodil coloured jacket is making me crave some yellow in my wardrobe - great pics! I like the effect of your filters!

  4. i really love all of the bright colors in your outfit. that jacket is beautiful on you! and i love your bag, too. also, a day spent eating cake sounds fabulous!

  5. That cafe is so unique! Love your bright outfit too :)

  6. Love your look and the whole day sounds amazing!

    Fashion Dawgs

  7. This is the perfect colour combination to bring radiance to the greyness of the days right now.
    Colour plus cake plus countryside and wildlife equals instant mood-lifter.

  8. I love your bag, it is so bright. I really think subtle neon is going to be jumping from blog to blog soon enough. I love you in bright colours, I feel like they really really suit your personality! I love eating in weird/unusual places, but we don't have many round here, well not like where you were anyway :( ♥

  9. Your galazy tights are so cool - I love how you pulled the colors out of them to use in your outfit, Very smart. and deer actually scare me - I hit one with a car once. Been scared ever since.

  10. I love all this color! You leggings are definitely my favorite. That tea room is so beautiful, I need to find something like this near my house!



    Southern (California) Belle