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Sunday, 2 September 2012

In which I have a birthday wishlist

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks so I thought this would be a good excuse to indulge in some online window shopping. I thought I would go ahead and share some of the things I have been eying up of late.

1. Galaxy tights.
I know this trend has been around for a while, but it looks so much fun to pair with a black dress. It is also one of those things where they cost so much that I always find myself thinking of how much more stuff I could get for the same amount, but perfect indulgence for a birthday. Right? 

2. More Lego.
 I can't deny that Lego have some freaking awesome sets out right now. My favourites are the Lego Gandalf + Cart set or Wethertop from the Lord of the Rings series. Or Wolverine, Deadpool and the Helicoper set, or the massive Harley, Joker, Batman circus set from the Lego Heroes series. There is also a really cool looking lighthouse in the Creator series. I drool over all of these in the toy shop. 

Lego Creator Lighthouse Island

3. My ears pierced 
I used to wear earrings every single day for years. I had them pierced at 16 and then about 2 years ago one day they started bleeding. After wearing earrings for 6 years they slowly healed up. One is completely gone and with some effort I can still get an earring in the left ear. Seems an odd birthday wish because it's a lack of a thing, a hole that I am wanting rather than a thing itself. :)

4. New shoes.
I would like a new pair of every day comfy shoes for just being out and about + a new pair of comfortable heels for going out out. When searching for shoes I found the pervading presence of creepers fascinating. There were so many that there were a few lace up brogue-like ones that I paused over and considered. It shows how effective trends can be. Creepers are not my style. Or they are the style I wore as a teenager. I like to wear brogues as my every day shoes or other cute lace-ups and yet for a moment I was nearly convinced that I like something I don't!
Image 4 of Underground Wulfrun Burgundy Patent Creepers
This is the one I was tempted by, but it doesn't beat the blue sude shoes below a bit.

Night Out shoe contenders:
From Irregular Choice

Chilly Dog

Every day shoes:

Blue Suede shoes from Clarks.
 Actually looked and touched these in the shop yesterday. They are so soft! However as I live in Britain I am a bit afraid of getting suede shoes as they can get ruined in the rain. I know people say avoid wearing them in the rain, but again -Britain- it can look like a sunny day and then chuck it down. Any advice on this as I do really like these shoes?
LUIGI SHARK TOOTH BROGUE - style no: 1137350015 from Office.
Churnky brogues 'Luigi Shark Tooth' from Office They look really comfy and long-lasting. 

Image 1 of Kickers Kick Hi Red Ankle Boots
 Kickers red ankle boots from Asos. Again, comfy but possibly won't go with quite as much stuff.

And that is enough shoes!

5. Peter pan collar.
qtpiworkshop on etsy has loads of beautiful collars that are seriously tempting. Like this one:
peterpan collar - chinese floral - jade & black

6. Something cute like this!
Heartless Amigurimi from AnaZoe.
Heartless Amigurumi

After all that though I am honestly a massive fan of surprises so if you are someone who actually knows me don't think of these as demands. They are mere wishes. I am not going to pretend to be one of those people who claim not to like presents. Presents are fun, as materialistic as that may sound, but I do especially love the anticipation. I love getting a parcel and feeling all the bumps and trying to guess what it is. How can that not be fun?
What do you think?


  1. I love birthday time :D And those creepers and the galaxy tights are absolutely amazing! I hope you get them :)


  2. That Gandalf and Cart set is great!
    I have been seeing a lot of people wearing galaxy tights, and my sister's in love with them (and a lot of other printed tights)and has been trying to convince me to buy her a pair from Black Milk Clothing (which has a huge range of interesting patterned tights, etc. Their website is worth a visit.)

    Hope you get some of this stuff (or all of it :D )

    - Willow

  3. Oh, one can never have too many legos!! I really liked the Harry Potter ones - never saw the LotR ones, but Gandalf looks freakin' awesome. And ahhh shoes are always great to get on any occasion!
    Hope you get at least a few of these things. :)

    ♥ x i x i a | thisisxixia.com

  4. ahah! lord of the rings lego! so great!

  5. ive been eyeing up a patent pair of red kicker boots just like those. they are so cute. i used to have a pair when i was 12 an i thought i was the bee's knees haha! i also have a very similar pair of tan brogues. They are super comfy! and lord of the rings lego?! awesome! im looking forward to The Hobbit are you?xx