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Thursday, 6 September 2012

In which I am on a swing without instructions

I have had one of those up and down weeks so far, both from real life instances of upsetness and from spending too much time reading the news. It is hard to keep track of the emotional rollarcoaster in my mind, but the amount of board game time I have had this week counts for a lot of positives.

One thing that has been frustrating is that every day Andy has said he will take outfit pictures of me after work. On Monday we go to the comic shop for games night and he suggested taking photos on the way -but then he got stuck in traffic coming back from work. Tuesday we were having friends round for games again and my train was delayed this time so no time for photos before Order of the Stick the board game began. Yesterday everything in my schedule was changed and I wasn't merely delayed - I had to get a later train and then Andy was off to Orchestra. And you know what? Every day I carefully dressed in something blog-worthy so I've been wearing great outfits, but day after day without recording! Perhaps tonight. :)

In the meantime I have some photos from a couple of weeks ago to share. (I could have just pretended they were recent and avoided all the exposition, but there we go. I just love unnecessary honesty). This dress was a present from Andy's parents from Hawaii and given over a year ago. I wore it about once and never again till now. Because I lost the instructions. Yes. This dress is actually a piece of fabric with two layers and a tie. It doesn't hang in the wardrobe or fold up in the cupboard because it is all slippery-soft. It came with a little card showing fifteen ways to wear it through a series of complicated knots and twists: like a halterneck, like a boob tube, a top, a maxi skirt, a short skirt, a pony, a bicycle and a cape.

I gave up.

But last week I decided to brave the fabric and try and work something out with it myself and this is the result: 
I am very squinty in these pictures because the sun was blinding me.

Wheeee! I like swings.

Frown face kind of ruins this, but you should see how much worse the other pictures were.

Close up of Bow belt and patterns

So I am going to spend some more time negotiating it to see if I can create any more styles. 

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