Origami Girl

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

In which I talk about hats and unicorns

I know it has been ages since I last blogged and I shouldn't feel too guilty about that but I do. I just haven't felt motivated to do it. I don't know that I have a great deal to say and I am feeling kind of useless at the moment.
Heroics, sleuthing and jewellery are not going so well at the moment. I have been trying to achieve many things and my ambitions seem to be slipping away from me. The problem is this causes me to be less motivated, not even wanting to get up and respond when I hear sirens and pick up my satchel full of origami and join the fight. We all know that even Batman gets depressed and I'm no where near as gloomy as he is so I should be ok soon.
In the mean time I managed to do some outfit pictures seeing as there was some interest last time. I am afraid they are not amazing because it was a little chilly and I was concentrating on being warm. Mostly I want to show off this hat.
I really really love hats. I don't wear one when fighting crime because I think it would fall off. I don't know how Rorshach's always stays on. Anyway I have quite a collection of hats. This one has to be my favourite. It is deep green felt with a little felt bow on the side. Wearing it makes me feel happier.
Oh and I live by the sea. I think it's pretty cool.
I was going to do another picture but I thought I looked too creepy with my mask on so left it.
I also bought this! From this place. It is on my mantelpiece right behind me right now!

Yes. A unicorn. Unicorn's rock. The end.


  1. I love hats, too... I went through most of my life thinking I didn't have a hat head, but ever since I bought my first hat in October, it's been all down hill. I have a collection about ten now, and it just keeps growing! Love yours- it reminds me a little of Sherlock Holmes. Perfect for sleuthing :)

  2. I love hats as well, and that unicorn does rock!! I go through phases when I am feeling uninspired and non-wanting to blog as well, I know how you feel! It's nice to take a break every now and then ;)

  3. I have a whole bin full of hats on the shelf in my closet! I love buying them but very rarely wear them (how silly of me).

    As for your question on by blog about my packaging - I design all my packaging cards on photoshop and then print them out to include my url. In the case of the earrings and hair clips I then use paper punches to get the effect I want! Hope that helps!

  4. I can totally relate to how frustrating it is to not be motivated and stuck in a rut... I'm going through a very similar period right now! Hopefully with the warmer weather approaching and spring being here it will inspire the both of us, hehe.

    P.S. I am just IN LOVE with you hat! Such a gorgeous shape and color! :D

  5. Winter seems to put me in a rut..I'm afraid. So adore your hat!