Origami Girl

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

In which I get obsessed with Monopoly (again)

I promise I will go back to talking about heroics and world-saving origami again soon. I do it all so often it has become a little mundane for me. I like to tell you guys when there are interesting things happening. I have, by the way, been attempting to spy on my nemesis. The work is slow going because they are ever-so evasive. I have been sending paper monkeys out to scout the forests for weird happenings but I only seem to find little clues.
In the mean time I have some good news on the jewellery front. I made a really unusual charm bracelet out of Operation bones, I was going to advertise it here first but I sold it within hours of putting it up! I think that shows that it was definitely a good idea and I will have to make one again.

I also have one of my supplies orders arrive! Still waiting for my Cluedo pieces to come, but I got a whole bunch of Monopoly items this week. I went a little Monopoly crazy. I have made some more playing pieced pendants but you won't be excited by that. I know that you can be all 'meh, she does those all the time.' However I have a new idea! I made some paper beads out of vintage Monopoly money! I then made them into a bracelet. I took a photograph of the beads when they were drying from the varnish because the little pins I was using to hold them in, mixed with the beads looked like a strange sculpture: The finished bracelet:

I like the bracelet especially because it does with the aesthetic I am aiming for in my jewellery. There are loads of people out there making kitsch things with toys that match the Lolita trend. I like some of that stuff but I don't really like looking like a 6 year old. I wanted to make items that are playful and nostalgic without being childish. I hope that the things I have put up today work with that.
What do you think?


  1. I think the monopoly money bracelet is such a chamring, adorable idea! I just love Monopoly (who doesn't really?) and think it's a great idea to fit in such a pop culture phenomenon into beautiful jewelery.

    I also think your charm bracelet is so gorgeous, too! I can see why it sold so quickly :)

  2. Hello! It's a very cool post! I just love your blog.

    Kisses and hugs from Brazil :)

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