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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

In which there is politics and trees

 I have had a little pause in blogging again, because well - politics.

If you follow me on Twitter you may find that I tweet almost entirely about politics, and in Britain we just had our general election. I have to say that I wasn't really happy about the result. And then the week after, the one just gone, the Government gave us a wave of announcements of things I find terrifying. Like getting rid of the Human Rights Act for one. I've been working really hard, doing extra events, dealing with it all at work and my news feed on Tumblr and Facebook and Twitter has been nothing but politics, politics, politics. There's so many arguments and divisions and I feel like every day has just been another small stab of depression at realising how many people in our country just don't care about attacks on our basic rights. Or more than that -they're completely in favour of it. I went to a talk last night on Russian Internet censorship and the speaker said that in Russia they are able to control the Internet because they have the legitimacy, people largely think it is the right thing to do. Our situation is obviously not the same, but there is a general popular, and thus even democratic, opinion that we do not all deserve to be treated equally. And that's kind of shaken me.

I shall probably right something more about the Human Rights Act here soon, because it is really on my mind at the moment.

In more positive news though, there is something fun which has been keeping me off the Internet and that's costume making! Every year I got to MCM Comicon with my friends and this year is exactly the same. You may remember May last year I posted a whole series of posts about making my armour to be Erza from Fairy Tail. Well this year, I'm going to be the Little Prince, of the book with that title. I've been making his coat and it's all nearly finished. I haven't done progress photos but I cannot wait to put pictures of the finished thing up. Trust me, it's amazing.


These photos are from Fryent Park in London. It's amazing to find spots that are actually in the middle of the city, but you can look around and see only nature. We're back to our exploring ways and hunting for a place to move to one day. I want to find somewhere like this, where I can be in the city and close to friends, but then wrap myself in trees when I need them. 

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