Origami Girl

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

In which there are jumpsuits and deer

For the first time in months, I'm not feeling ill and first blog in a month! That's an achievement in and of itself. I've been suffering from a lot of stress and 2 separate viruses that have, as I mentioned recently, given me a loss of sleep. But it's been a little while and I'm feeling better and stronger. I still have some stress which I think might have contributed to a lot of my problems, but I am getting better at something else too - recognising when there are moments I can be proud of and pause over, and that not every problem is mine to solve, or even mine to procrastinate and run away from. I've got a longer blog in mind about changes in the way I think. And exciting blogs about Lego to come. :)

It's the first outfit post in a while, and I want to properly rave about how much I love this jumpsuit. It is literally the best thing ever (as they say on Rookie). It makes me feel so sexy and cool, whilst also being delightfully comfy. Also, I wore this to go clubbing in the City of London and I wore it to go wandering past the dear in Richmond park, and it felt totally right in both places. It makes me feel the sassy punk girl that I like to think I am inside. I am stopping short of writing an ode to it.
(It was from Asos, but I literally got the last one in stock, sorry)

I went to Richmond park a year ago, and walked these same paths, with these same friends and it felt like a brilliant capture of the passage of time. It's years since university, and still these same people matter so much to me. I've changed a lot, learnt a lot, and am ready for change again, but despite all that the things that make me at peace with the world are exactly the same.

Happiest with my friends, out in nature, feeling beautiful.
Also note: This was November the First and I was wearing sandals.
Sword earrings are the best. Got them from Hey Chickadee! here and are designed by the brilliant Noelle Stevenson, writer of Nimona and Lumberjane illustrater.
We found this.
This last picture isn't taken by Andy or I, it's by my brilliant friend Nay (pictured above) and shows both the outfit photo taking in action and a bonus if your eyes are sharp. :)  

Thanks for the patience with me in this time, and my lack of communication. There's been a lot going on, but I hope to ease myself back into blogging and getting involved with the amazing places I've been neglecting again. 


  1. nature looks like Crimea:) Best regards from Russia:)


  2. Who's that squirrel on the tree? :D
    Hope you're doing better my dear, I've had a pretty stressful month and it's been so stupid I was like "meh, fuck everything, not worth the nerves"... Try it, it's liberating :D
    Love the jumpsuit too, it's quite pretty!!!