Origami Girl

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

In which there is Lego which is one of a kind

I haven't been blogging or commenting much lately because I haven't really had the energy to . I've actually been kind of ill for the last couple of weeks. It's not a pity post, but I do feel I'm going a little mad from frustration. I said to my boss the other day that I feel like a hypochondriac with all these different ailments, but largely the worst of which is that they are contributing to insomnia and I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately which means I've had to retain all my energy for work and then collapse. I really want to be blogging and reading everyone's posts and admiring amazing outfits, but I find my level of consciousness more suited to idle Tumblr scrolling and self-pity.

Howver! Tis evening something actually inspired me. I came in at half 7 and spent the next 2 hours (literally) making these beauties. It's crazy that it took me so long but I have Lego all over the house and had to hunt across shelves and in boxes and on top of picture displays to find all the parts. But then I felt a sense of true creative happiness in the creation of Orphan Black Lego. Behold. 
There's Kira, Dr Leekie, Paul, Rachel, Delphine, Cosima, Cal, Sarah, Felix, Alison, Donnie, Art, Mrs S, Tomas

"I just want to make crazy science with you."
Felix, Alison and Sarah. Chilling.
Heehee. She has the 'Top Secret Plan' card from the Lego Movie set. *is proud*

Felix, Sarah & Mrs. S. Don't mess with their family.
Ok so it's not all right. Yes, Rachel actually has blonde hair. I only had a red bob, and it seems like a style she could have. Sarah's hood is green and doesn't match her jacket, but that's the only one I got, and Helena's hair just aint got her wild roots and weird look. But please don't get all purist on my ass - or do, and then buy me the extra Lego I want! Hahah.

Also if you are interested some of the people who were decapitated or destroyed in the making of my clones include: a Lego move robot, a fisherman, a tennis player, a vampire, all my scientists, a zombie, a thief, a Lord of the Rings elf, Robin of Batman & Marilyn Monroe, a vampire slayer and a surprising amount of Lego men in suits.

What do you think?


  1. The more I look at it, the more brilliantly recreated it becomes! Your creative attention to detail is very absorbing.
    I do hope that the continuing ailments and insomnia are fading.