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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

In which I'm basking in the summer sunset

Trying to make the most of summer evenings before Autumn hits and walks in the park after work are no longer possible. We had to dash to make it before sunset, and we had the most beautiful glow in the sky for some late outfit photo taking. I did not actually wear these shorts to work - although I did it one time with tights. They are definitely a little shocking, and I had one lady give me a weird look which I hope was just envy not disapproval. Because my butt looks amazing. Yeah, I said it. I mean I'm no Nicky Minaj, but all the same these shorts make me feel so freaking cute. :P

And that was my Tuesday night. It's good to just go out and have fun posing and being narcissistic sometimes. :)  And yes, I did just watch Anaconda and think it was brilliantly fun. 


  1. Those shorts are so cute!!! I wish I could wear shorts in my wheelchair, my body shape makes shorts look like knickers when I'm sat down :(
    The lady who gave you the weird look was definitely envious, you look really great in the shorts :)

    Sally | wheelchair fashion, lifestyle & more

  2. I bet it was approval and awe, because the shorts kick ass. I especially like this electric orange color! ^^

  3. Hope you're enjoying the last of the summer! These pictures are beautiful and I looooove your hair :).

  4. This outfit is so adorable, I am seriously loving those shorts! Such a fun color. Glad to hear you are enjoying the last days of summer and sun.

    Little Lady Little City

  5. This outfit is super cute! Love the colors!