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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

In which Spain was a beautiful dream

I have a somewhat post-Spain melancholy. Which might be inevitable looking back on these pictures. It was a really happy time and now I'm back the things in my life that make me unhappy are feeling unnecessary. I'm itching to change things and make some big decisions about my life. And not just that from now on I want more and better snorkelling. I want to think about the things I most want out of life. And nearly one year on from getting married, having a wonderful solid relationship in my life means that I feel free to mix the rest of it up a bit!

There's a strange thing to holidays, as though they exist outside of realtime. Returning after a trip to the sun feels so strongly grounded, like a weighted curtain is just dropped over the whole thing. Bam. Back here again. Holiday memories are always wrapped in this cocoon of warm light and happiness. I  think because their very nature is to be a change, something totally different from the normal life, they actually become somehow surreal when we remember them because they have nothing of what is familiar in them. It's why films like Moonrise Kingdom work for the Summer - it's never quite real to us. Or that's my theory. And it's one I'm using to explain the way that thinking about specific days of holiday have that magical feeling of bliss to them when I recall them. And I think my first trip to Spain will always be like that, playing itself back to the tune of Pharrell Williams' Happy.

Now that I'm done with my romanticising, let's get down to some pictures. The outfit is River Island, both dress and hat which I bought for the trip and am really happy with. Normally River Island clothes are for people with model-esque proportions so I was so surprised when I tried it on and it actually fit! I've just put in a few other pictures from the trip as I don't want to labour you all with holiday photos.

The view of Moraira, the town we were staying near.
At the villa we were staying at, just by the pool.
Lil' hermit crab

There's me snorkeling. Which is literally the best thing ever. I swam with the fish and saw a live swimming octopus.

 Do you ever feel like holidays don't quite seem real when you get back from them?


  1. YES! Whenever I go to a Holiday, which is so freakin rare, I feel like it's in a parallel universe :D
    I know what you mean, thinking about life and changes. I'm currently working hard to change myself, to be more positive and not give a damn about the trivial, it's actually quite hard :D

  2. I just come back from what was meant to be a really good holiday in the UK, some road tripping and seeing new places, just me and the boyfriend. But noooo, stuff had to be said and plans made and then people change their minds and we're stuck with 'family time'. I'm still bitter, does it show ;)
    I need my holidays, I need that little slice of fake life to get away from the current bullshit.

    I'm glad you had a lovely time. hope to see more lovely photos!

  3. These are such great photos! I always feel the same way after traveling- like I want to make big changes. It's always so hard to settle back into reality! I think that's why traveling is so good for us though, to see what else is out there and open up our minds to new paths! Looks like an amazing trip!

  4. Yes! All the time. I always wish they could last forever, hehe. Anyhow, these photos are stunning and so are you! This really looks like a spectacular trip. Now I'm longing for a holiday too :-)

  5. Oh, I'd never want to leave here, looking at these photos.

  6. This is how I feel about amazing places I've visited: Greece, Spain, Italy....I wish I could go back and visit again! Lovely photos as well. =) -Jess L