Origami Girl

Saturday, 1 March 2014

In which Dr Jeckyll is unleashed upon my Lego

I hope you're not tired of Lego. I hope you're not tired of me. Because Lego and me currently we go together very well.
I mentioned my love of Lego to a new person this week and they gave me a look somewhere between utter confusion and mild disgust. It was a little jarring to suddenly remember that there are people who don't respond to that information with 'Oh really? How fun!' Because that's what it is.
There are sometimes weeks where I don't 'play'. Where I don't make anything or photograph any toys. True. But the days when Andy and I tip up the box of Lego, or Playmobil (sadly neglected of late) and just get on with making are so much fun. So if this is all a little weird for you, please move on now and maybe just browse the posts tagged 'outfit'.

Still here? Well then, on Sunday, post-Lego-Movie we took the inspiration message of abandoning the instructions, to build where our hearts take us. I broke apart Gandalf's Cart and a boat and a helicopter and used the parts to make an evil steampunk laboratory, complete with a torture table and captured zombies. And then a flying wagon driven by a Cyclops on his way to rescue his friends from experimantation.
Not what sure what that says about my heart. :)

"Let us out of here! You're the monster!"

"Nooo! Stop this!"
"Zombie don't bleed! Imposter!"

"Checking on the specimens"

"My new concoction will improve the monsters"

"We will save them Teddy"

"Rocket launchers out"

"And back into the sunset"


  1. I'm in the middle of catching up on my bloglovin and I just got to your post - It made me giggle and I am impressed by your lego skills! So much more exciting than an outfit post!

    ~ K

  2. Absolutely the very best way to play with lego - the tip the box up and get creating approach. I really enjoy the fact that you celebrate being an adult who loves lego. On the odd occasion when my younger brother and I get out the huge box of lego bits, the shared hours of on-the-carpet creative absorption are wonderful.

  3. This is awesome! I love playing with Legos still! I used to have a great Native American set when I was younger.

    Those monsters are the coolest!