Origami Girl

Sunday, 17 November 2013

In which there is a last bit of light

 This last week I got interviewed for television for my work... It's my first media appearance and it was very scary. Just like an essay or an exam I thought of much better things to say as soon as it was over! I had to do lots of takes and say the same thing in as many different ways as possible. It was actually incredibly exhausting in the end, but I'm looking forward to seeing the end piece. Even though I fear the cringes.

We took these photos in our local park back when there was still a reminder of daylight. These past few days it has only been grey and then black. I hate how little sun we are having.  I always feel down in the winter without the bright light and the warmth of the house. It gets dark around 3.30pm and so afternoon walks with photography have become impossible. I can't even get any good shots of toys in my house for some upcoming posts because it's just not letting the same light in. However, it does make for some cosy evenings and excuses for hot chocolate and cake.

I just bought the new lipstick I'm wearing and it seemed perfect to go with this rich red dress which I fall in and out of love with. I wore almost this exact same outfit earlier in the year but with the same shirt over the top of the dress, not under it. Sorry for my lack of imagination with it!

 I want to develop a more sophisticated style, but I still find myself wearing these very girly outfits. They look good, but they somehow don't feel quite like me. This look is a little bit like wearing a past version of myself. Have you any suggestions to toughen this dress up?

I bought these chunky boots recently and I love them to bits. They are fleece lined, very warm, and you can fold them over to make them shorter and show the contrasting fleece. Plus they work well with more femme items.

Pumpkin necklace is perfect for Autumn outfits.


  1. wow ! you look so comfy & fantastic <3 i'm totally in love with your beautiful necklace!

  2. longing for a coat like yours!