Origami Girl

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

In which a ruin is unexpectedly found

This blog isn't really about the outfit, but the location. It's slightly embarrassing that this place has never been used for outfit photos before. That's because it is only twenty minutes walk away from my house, but it took me a year and a half to discover it. I can't even say that I discovered it through walking and exploring. No, it was in fact the day we were coming back from the honeymoon with three bags with books in each (see my post on Hay-on-Wye) when we needed a taxi to get home. He drove us a different route through town and we passed by this ruined structure. We both just turned and gaped and then looked at each other in a little horror. How had we never seen this before? What awfully boring people were we to never have gone this way?

There is even a little river nearby and a walkway and lots of green space. We've had a picnic here and walked round for a quiet chat and a rest after a busy day at work. It's very peaceful. I intend to go back many more times, photograph the river, show it in Autumn when the trees will be red like the bricks and in Winter when the crumbly rocks will stand out in white snow.

It's funny how you can take the same route to the shops, the library, the park, the train station and home. After the initial exploration when you move it is so easy to become stuck in one version of your town.

To comment on the outfit though, I bought this plain pink tee-dress recently. It's fairly boring but really comfortable. I am going to challenge myself to find lots of ways to dress it in different styles.



We arrived at the ruined mansion as the sun was just going behind the buildings, leaving the area in patches of bright soft light and patches of darkness. As we turned around to walk away at the end, the sun was fully set and there was only a pink glow left in the sky.


  1. What an incredible place and how cool is it that it is only 20 mins from where you live! So special and perfect for your photos! I like your cute outfit! The colors are beautiful!


  2. What a dreamy and romantic looking location, and what beautiful light. It seems somehow apt that, though you berate yourselves for not finding it before, you spotted it for the first time on your way back from honeymoon. Talking of which - 3 bags of books EACH, now that sounds like heaven!

  3. What a gorgeous old ruin, makes such a beautiful backdrop for photos and your lovely outfit. Wandering around that beautiful location until sunset sounds like a wonderful end to the day. Am really wishing we had old ruins like that in Australia, but the oldest buildings we have are from the late 1700's, anything earlier than that are Aboriginal tools and spearheads, so sadly no beautiful ruins like this.

  4. I can't imagine stumbling upon such a beautiful place, you are one lucky girl. The colors you captured cast the most dreamy light over the ruins, it looks like a magical place to shoot photos and explore.