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Saturday, 13 July 2013

In which Iron Man is caught on camera

I am afraid I am not yet done with wedding-related posts, I still have honeymoon pics, more wedding shots and then this. It doesn't look like it but these Iron Man lego photos also have a wedding connection. So the thing about this whole getting-married situation is that we also got some incredible presents. I am going to share in another post some of the really special things we got in what I hope will be an appreciate-but-not-boastful way. (I always feel sharing presents is a little bit arrogant somehow).

There was one particular present however that is incredibly relevant to this blog - and totally and utterly unexpected. I got a camera. A D3200 Nikon DSLR to be exact. I have been wanting a good camera for so long, but to be honest I thought it was a years away purchase, they are so expensive and we have other things that come up on the money list first. I sulked a little in jealousy at times, but I learnt to use my little cam as best I could. However my work utterly surprised me with this incredible gift when I got back! I was totally blown away by their generosity and am now going to have to sit and read through all the tutorials and actually learn how to use a proper camera!

Anyway, these are the first shots I took with the new camera. I got the Iron Man set months ago but this is the first time I've photographed it. I did get some other new Lego for the wedding as well, and have such a back log of minifigs to share too, so there'll be more soon.

So you can see the full set. It's War Machine, Iron Man and the villain from Iron Man 3 (no spoilers)

I love my War Machine figure. They actually have faces under the masks too, but I forgot to shoot those!

I also got a motorbike mechacnic through doing a figure swap with my sister, so I had some fun with him. 

"All done!"

"Is my bike ready yet?"

These last two and the only ones I did some editing of because I wanted to see what I got with just the raw images. Looking back at my point and shoot Lego pictures I still really like them, but I can't remember how many are edited to be that good, or how many were good to start with! 

"Fear my stud rays"

So I hope the next outfit pictures show an improvement, but I think it'll take a while longer to get used to people shots!


  1. Great shots, it looks like you're getting the hang of your new camera really quickly!

    It's always fun playing around with it for the first few months :)

    Nice choice too, the D3200 is such a great dslr for beginners (I've got the Pentax kx myself, which is pretty similiar, I probably should have gone for a Nikon or Canon though. Pentax lenses are so expensive!)

    A Chic Lifestyle