Origami Girl

Saturday, 16 March 2013

In which the Once and Future King is but a toy

 I am back home after my mid-week conference trip to Oxford. It was shattering because it was so intense. I just kept going from dawn till dusk and beyond - talks, discussions, dinner and pub- and because I was nervous about giving my own little talk the sleep didn't come easily. However it went really well! It was so inspiring, I met lots of really interesting people. And people actually liked what I had to say. I had great conversations with people off the back of the talk. It was definitely a huge confidence booster. However, like any 'group think' event where you meet loads of like minded people there's a little downer afterwards of having to go back to the land of work emails.Good job there was only one day of that before breaking loose on the weekend. Which last night meant a good session of gaming and Star Trek before bed.

Now to explain the pictures. I was at home on my own last week and a little stuck as to what to do. I mean obviously other than the hundreds of wedding or writing tasks I should be doing. So I emptied my big box of Playmobil onto the floor and for an hour or so played around with what I wanted to create. This is Merlin's house, recreated from that which it is in the Once and Future King and inspired by Alan Lee's fabulous
watercolour picture. I do love fantasy and creating that mixed-up wizard's house with the time-crossing elements was a lot of fun. It meant I got to use bits from lots of different series'. There are fantasy sets, Victorian sets and farm sets all merged together in this. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. What a wonderful little world created with your playmobil. Great that you enjoyed your conference trip too.

  2. Brilliant reinterpretation of Alan lee's beautiful illustration. Your Playmobil collection must be epic in scale - I'm looking at bits of your creation, thinking "oh - we still have those mushrooms and ferns, but oooh - you have the magic waterfall! I always wanted that!

  3. AAAHHHH!!! I love this! I love Playmobil! This is the best thing EVER! I'm sad to say I've never read The Once and Future King, but it's on my very very long list of classics that I must read. This is so amazing, though; what a cool way to spend your time! Seriously. xx

  4. We had these as kids and loved them!