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Friday, 22 March 2013

In which it is Craft it Forward time

I am offering a chance for free things. Not something I do often here, but this will be special handmade stuff!

So ages ago I won a hat via blog movement called Craft it Forward from the blog Gypsy in Jasper. 

Me with my delightful hat.
The basic idea is that I offer 5 people and handmade gift and each of those winners 5 offer handmade niceties to their followers until handmade things are flying everywhere. Oh and the gifts are a mystery! I will give you a clue but you won't know what it is till the package gets there.

If you are one of the 5 to get something - no pressure in doing this on your blog. You can if you want, but it's about passing on joy not guilt, so do what you would like. 

I am very delayed in responding to it - but I feel that the spirit of the thing is not to feel pressured, so I am doing it in my own time.

I used to run a jewellery business called Eccentric Accessories and I made hairbands, necklaces, earrings and bracelets so I shall make you one of those type things. If you search the jewellery tag you can find some awkward and ancient posts - but with pictures of the kinds of things I like to make.

To win you must comment below and just leave a method for me to get in contact with you for your address. The first five people to comment will get a handmade gift.
If you are one of the first five to comment and win I will try and make sure that what you get suits you - if you have a fashion blog and I can suss it out from there!

I'm off for the weekend to do wedding things with both sets of parents (so scheduling this whilst I am away). Hopefully lots and lots will get done because there are now so many decisions involved!


  1. That really is a gorgeous hat, beautiful colour. What a great idea this is, I loved looking through your posts with the jewellery tag - that monopoly money bracelet is such a creative idea.
    Good luck with doing the wedding things on the weekend.

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