Origami Girl

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

In which there are small moments of happiness and Lego bagpipes

I thought I would do one of those 'snapshots of life' things I have seen other bloggers do to make me cheerful. Today has been One of Those Days. You know, I accidently over-worked and, because I lost track of time,  had to wait fifty minutes for the next train home. It would have been forty except the train was delayed. And then it was chucking it down when I got off. Andy and I have been too busy to tidy so the whole house is a tip, which just isn't fun to come home to. Oh and I didn't get the job I interviewed for recently. My current job is most excellent and interesting, but it is also unpaid. I am therefore skint which is like a nagging level of panic at the back of my mind that crops up in the middle of something unrelated and can cause my heart a little grinding judder. I am sure we have all had that worry though.

However, I have had a recent re-awakening of love for this blog. The last two months I feel like I am having fun with posts and making new outfits. Plus I have a new dress I got as an early birthday present which I cannot wait to photograph. I am saving it for a bbq for this weekend (which might be a terrible idea if I get ketchup down chiffon) but I have tried it on in the house in front of the mirror about three times. Just to prepare the outfit you know? It is really different from anything I already own -batwing sleeves! But I shall save the rest of the squeeing for later.

Also, you may have noticed that I made some minute changes to the blog. The most obvious should be the new header. It has a picture of me rather than my superhero alter-ego on it. I am tipping my hat to say hello and, as a nod to the name, I used origami pattern scans from Deviant Art as part of the background. I feel that making it counts towards my weekly 'creative activity'.  Please let me know what you think. I appreciate all your thoughts and comments.

Anyway, here are some other good things in my life:
Home-made curry paste. Feels wonderfully creative + tasty

New glasses with turqoise on the inside, bronze outside. Gives little hidden flashes of colour
Library books. The library is a wonderful spot for the sad, even with noisy kids you can always escape inside

Two new musical Lego people from my sister. Look at his concetrating face! The grey eyebrows! The little hat!

Pink-style punk Lego girl!

 Ok. Just looking at pictures of my new Lego figures has made me happy again. I mean, have you seen the little Lego bagpipes? That's enough to make anyone's day. Even in the rain.


  1. this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  2. Homemade curry paste! I've never attempted to make that, but goodness it sounds delicious. Those little lego people bring me back - though I never had any as cool as that :) Lovely header - I love that little jade hat!

  3. Ooooh love the fact you've used the grinder to make the curry paste! It looks scrumptious! xx

  4. I can't wait to see that dress! It sounds perfect. BE careful! Chiffon stains/ruins easily. IF you do spill, take it to the dry cleaner that very second. I've made the sad mistake of waiting and ruining things. Anyways, I'm sure you're not as clumsy as me! And your new header is super cute!

  5. yum...homemade curry paste!! I bet it smelled great!
    love the Legos =D