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Thursday, 26 July 2012

In which I am wearing zebras

I have two outfit posts up to go but one was taken a week ago when it was a little cooler. I am wearing tights in those pictures and just looking at them makes me feel even warmer so for now I am doing recent sunny pictures. And yes, England just got Summer. I keep saying that I feel like I am in America. It was especially odd at the weekend when I went to my other half’s cousin’s wedding. I went with his family who, until recently, lived in Texas. We had a big car, on a very hot day and, until we got to the actual wedding which turned out to be in a quiet country village serving post-nuptials Pimms, I had to keep reminding myself that no border crossing had occurred.

I wore a pink zebra dress to the wedding. It blows my mind that I would because it goes against all the fashion beliefs of my teenage self. I have covered my thoughts on pink before, but zebras? 
It’s not that I am against zebras themselves, but animal prints. It’s not that I am militant vegan because I wear my leather boots and eat my steaks with gusto. Yet, animal prints just felt squicky. It is like wishing you had a dead zebra skin, or dead leopard. I know this isn’t a popular opinion in the fashion blogging world. So many blogs I read are like “I must have these leopard print shoes! And headscarf! And look at this little cheetah spotted handbag! I MUST HAVE ALL THE PRINTS.” I also know full well that a print is not a dead skin, but like faux fur it feels a little encouraging of those who would want dead skin. But the second reason I don’t like animal prints is they just seem tacky. I know that that’s being judgemental and tacky has all sorts of issues as a word, but there we go. My boy thinks it’s kind of weird I don’t like them because it is just another pattern, especially as I like this kind of animal print:
Toucan playsuit from New Look. I really wanted this but it has sold out.
 However the dress I wore to the wedding was a gentle Segway into embracing that style. Behold: animals on an animal print:
Yes, it is that hat again. I have been living in it for the last two weeks.

Would you look at that? Zebras on zebra stripes. Amazing.

My boy in his suit

There were lots of lovely well-dressed people at the wedding with beautiful hats and one man with suede brogues with orange soles. I was told that to go up to the man with the nice shoes and ask to photograph them would be weird and embarrassing and, as it wasn’t my family’s thing, I was good and put my camera away. I spent the rest of the night bare-foot barn dancing which is a lot more demure than taking photos of strangers to put on the internet.

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  1. Pink zebra and barefoot dancing! Yes! Sounds awesome!