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Friday, 29 June 2012

In which there are photography problems, but more cake

Once again I have had a terrible lapse in blogging. I hope I can make it up to you through an outfit post, pictures of cake and a small amount of despising David Cameron.

I really thought there would be a longer gap between the times I put up pictures of cake. I would like to claim that I have been ridiculously busy saving the world from evil. Instead the only thing I have been busy with is conquering the world, on Civilisation IV.

I did have a mini holiday-type-thing to Yorkshire. It was mostly to look at wedding venues, but I did get to sample Wedding cake Prototype 2. Now I did have a problem with my camera, but both lots of photos I am going to show you. If you are good with cameras please help me here. These photos are wrong. The colour of the cake is wrong. I also took some photos of me in a green jumper, below, and the jumper is blue. I held my camera over the sleeve and altered all the settings I could, the exposure, the ISO, anything that could be altered. It continued to show the jumper as blue and the cake as grey – when it was green and bright purple I was trying to capture. Any tips? Should I just alter them post-photography with some software another time?

So –the cake. This time it was thick chocolate, very solid and rich. The little nodules on the top were marzipan, rather than cake and we agreed, a little too small. The icing was much thinner than the previous attempt, but did get very sticky. There may yet be more attempts before we are done!

These outfit photos make me despair a little. The sun was shining too brightly to capture the pattern on the skirt and, as noted above, the colours are wrong. As it is I feel you can get the gist of yesterday’s clothes, not the full understanding.

This jumper is actually green

Being silly

Cameo necklace. This is actually broken and I have to fix it with pliers nearly every time I wear it.

Socks with bows make me very happy

Oh and David Cameron? Well he announced that young people shouldn’t have housing benefit in a stunning display of callousness. I have read through his entire speech on the matter and cannot even understand his logic as he contradicts himself. I am so filled with rage at the way the Conservatives are ruining the lives of young people with astounding ageism and ignorance that I found myself unable to sleep the other night. I was lying awake in bed thinking of all the reasons it was a terrible idea. I fear the future of this country where so many people truly believe that the benefit system is somehow cosy, without understanding what it is like to live without dignity and have barely enough to feed yourself. I truly hope that this is a half-baked idea to appeal to conservative idiots. I hope David Cameron remembers that under 25s can vote.

Now that I have got my rage onto the internet, I will leave you with a lovely shot of a ruined abbey in Yorkshire. 


  1. I love the collar of your shirt, so pretty! :)

  2. This outfit is so pretty!! Your photos are great! Please take a look http://preppyglamcultchick.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog earlier! Follow for follow? <3