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Sunday, 22 April 2012

In which something Wonderful this way comes

Friday night was mine and the boy’s four year anniversary. We decided to do something pretty special for it –and it turned out a little bit more special than I guessed.

We went to see Wicked, which I have wanted to see for years, ever since a friend played me a YouTube video of the song Defying Gravity. I’ve been to see quite a few of the London shows now but we have always got pretty cheap seats. We decided to splash out on this one and got fantastic seats -and the show was incredible.

I even planned my outfit around the show. I dressed all in black, with green nail varnish and gold shoes. I would have worn silver shoes, but sadly don’t own any so it was the next best thing. Similarly I don’t own a winged monkey necklace, but I do own a Pegasus one so a winged horse would have to do! 
Right down to the wtichy lace socks and points on the lace-ups. 

I apologise for the rubbish photos –they were taken on my camera phone.

So yes, me and the boy got to the theatre and swapped presents. I got him the Dungeon Masters guide for 4th edition. Yes, we are nerds.
He got me a big box that looked like this:

Inside was lots of blue tissue paper and several Playmobil figures in their boxes (I think I’ve mentioned I like Playmobil before), some Lego figures (including a Lego Mowgli with a monkey and a female viking!) and a happy faced noodle bowl. I was so happy with all my new Lego figures and general cuteness that I nearly stopped there.

The boy then nudged me to open the lid on the bowl and inside were a series of smiley faced food items decorating colourful boxes, each one inside another. Boxes in boxes. He told me to keep going.

All the way up to one last happy jam box. 

It contained this Lego figure:

 And these: 

So I believe that would make us engaged. : D

and elated. 

(Also I promise this will not turn into a wedding blog, in fact I have a post in mind about Weetos so no worries on that account.)


  1. Arghh Wicked is INCREDIBLE! I hope you had a great time! Those rings are beautiful!

  2. What an adorable proposal! Congratulations!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! Congratulations! I am so, so excited for you :D His proposal was so sweet and I wish the two of you all of the best ❤

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