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Thursday, 12 April 2012

In which I have a new home

This is the necessary ‘new flat!’ post. It even includes a before and after picture and a game/toy theme, so I hope you will put up with the temporary squeeing.
Those of you who have been reading my blog for sometime/ know me will be aware of my obsession with playmobil. Try here and here for some history on that.
Well –now I have my own place! So I can have playmobil (and other toys) everywhere! I do actually share this place with my boy and at several points nervously asked him “Do you mind having playmobil on the bookcase?” or “Is it ok to have lego figures on the windowsill?”, but every time he said it was great and did not mind at all. That is why he is great of course.
So here we are:

This is the living room after first moving in. Plain chairs, a tables and a few games.

This is the room after some proper moving. Throws on the chairs, painting on the wall with matching candles, cheery blossome lights, our tv and PS set up and our expanded game set.

Collection of board games -note that even here we have Lego board games.

Playmobil setting of Bethgelert. I actually have this set up as a series of freeze frames of the story.

Lego minifigures on the bedroom windowsill

Books, Heroes picture and Lego dinosaur. These have turned out to be the key things we feel are needed, Robert Graves, Dianna Wynne Jones, Wind in the Willows and Gaynor Deal.

New white board to write messages on...

Lego fruit by the fruit bowl

Spice rack! Oh delight of my eyes. The spice rack makes the whole house come together.

Me, somewhere in the moving process.

Geraniums in the kitchen
Playmobil shepherd on the windowsill

Also, just to be clear there are some of the boy's things in the house. I had a lot of fun taking pictures of his dice collection in the bright sunlight yesterday. It was so good to have a working camera and take macro shots again. I love the way the dice reflect the light and come in such beautiful colours.

So there we are. New home. Awash with childishness and cookery.

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