Origami Girl

Thursday, 15 December 2011

In which I have leapt into Christmas

I must begin by apologising for not blogging. This has been the longest blogging gap since I began it and there are a number of reasons for it, but I am not going to be too guilty. The main one is I have been exhausted. My job has been hectic and the trains have been unreliable. I am getting in at around 7 after getting up at 7 and I just have no energy to do much in the evening except play Civilisation IV and watch NCIS. I know that blogging doesn't take much energy, but on the fashion front I am generally wearing office clothes and changing into pajamas in the evening, with dark hours all around. I do have some nice office clothes now though so when I get the chance I may take the boy into the garden and demand he capture them on the camera.

I have also then been filling my weekends with Christmas fun. I thought I would give you a quick update on the interesting winter events in my London life.

Christmas Market with mulled wine
Giant baubles in Covent GardenLego baubles in St Pancras

Reindeer in the shopping Mall
St Paul's in the evening light

I am also sorry that I haven't been commenting on your blogs. I have a terrible habit of this. When I am bad at blogging I feel a little ashamed and hide from the blogging world. It's not simply guilt at not updating, it is more that I feel if I draw attention to myself by commenting then people may go to my blog and notice how much I dont post and judge me as a terrible blogger. Yes I am that insecure at times. I worry that the Internet is judging me. I haven't forgotten you though. I read them still, but in a secretive furtive manner...

In other news, I bought some boots during my lunch break today. I discovered there is an Office with a capital O of the shoe-selling type a little walk away. If I step out the building it is Waterstones and books on my right and Office and shoes on my left. So this is how it begins. :)


  1. Don't feel bad in the least bit for stepping away from blogging or a bit! We all need a little break once in awhile; especially when out lives get oh so hectic!

  2. I hope things slow down and return to normal for you sometime soon.