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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

In which I have a new coat

I have another clothes blog at last because I have some new items and a glorious reunion of my camera with my cable. What is strange is that since taking these photos I have had a brand new haircut and so in some ways I feel like it is a different person in the photos. My hair is now on my shoulders and all layered and a little bit spikey. I wanted it cut because I bought this nice new coat but then my long hair kept getting caught in the buttons. So off it all went!
The hairdresser seemed to think I was a little mad.

Anyway! Back to the new clothes. I am in fact mostly talking about my new green coat. I also have a new hat which I wore pretty much non-stop the week I got it and goes with so many things. I have taken to wearing my smart grey dress with then the casual grey flat cap. I think the combination looks quite playful. I also did an outfit similar to the below with my Amanda Palmer t-shirt, a grey skirt, green coat, K'nex earrings, grey hat and purple doc martens. I felt like an autumnal punk. In a way I lie about the items being new as the coat was from a charity shop and the hat was my sisters and she got it in a charity shop too, but they are new to me.

On with the pictures!

I also took a few photos of my friend's garden. Her pumpkin before it's chopping which created two huuuge bowls of pumpkin goo. Before chopping and gooing the pumpkin weighed two and a half stone to give you some idea of scale.

Close-up of their holly tree.

Hope you are all enjoying autumn!

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  1. Your new coat is lovely, the green shade is just gorgeous!