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About this blog

My name is Ruth, and I blog as OrigamiGirl. This is a lifestyle blog that mostly contains fashion and toys. I have a large collection of Lego minifigures and Playmobil which love to photograph and share my delight in with the world. I am not averse to mentioning theology, feminism, food and wedding planning along the way. I live in Britain and love all the countryside it has to offer, and I pine for the days when I lived by the sea.

Photos are currently taken with a Nikon D3200, before July 2013 old photos are with a plain old Olympus VG-170. Photos of me taken by my husband. Photos of Lego taken by me. Photos of my husband taken by the Lego.

My favourite blog posts:
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: origamigirlheroics@gmail.com